Big button sports Bluetooth headset U22

Big button sports Bluetooth headset U22

Unique large button and side in-ear design means that you can enjoy the sport for a better wearing experience and a better operating experience.

Bluetooth version 4.1, polymer battery 100mAh, 15g lighter quality, 6-8h playback time excellent sound quality experience

High-quality fidelity speakers, excellent sound quality, in-ear design, isolated from the ears, music is closer to you. Sports waterproof and sweatproof IPX7 waterproof, challenge sweating

Smart Bluetooth 4.1 technology for long-distance call sound quality is clearer, easy to talk with Bluetooth 4.1 version, CVC chip-level noise prevention, strong compatibility, low power consumption, simultaneous connection of 2 devices, healthy calls

45 degree in-ear earmuffs ear engineering design, comfortable sound-mixing 45-degree oblique in-ear fish mouth ear cap, not only comfortable close to the next door, but also the sound of the sound, so that you can hear clearly in the outdoor sports Design, wear more comfortable, do 0 burden ergonomic high-quality soft silicone earplugs, let you enjoy music happy to say goodbye to sports pain

Solve the pain of the wire-controlled earphones, it is not easy to fall off, wear comfortable, wireless control design, bid farewell to the pain points of the headphones, exercise does not hit the skin

Long-lasting battery life, super standby 100mAh high-power polymer battery, providing long-lasting battery life 6-8 hours of talk, 240 hours of standby, 5-6 hours of music

Show details

01, multi-function button

03, soft silicone ear cap

04, the new anti-ear hanging