Electric beauty eye import instrument Guangzhou program company

Electric beauty eye importer

Eye iontophoresis instrument_Electric eye instrument eye iontophoresis ball

Product contact material: new zinc alloy metal ion import head

Product design: streamlined body grip comfortable

Product accessories materials: raw materials for all parts of the product have passed ROHS standards

Product Code: S1209A-Electric beauty eye introduction instrument "eye" cover the traces of the years, emitting charming "clear" color dark circles, bags under the eyes, edema, fine lines, a write-off;

Product details: intelligent sensor switch; micro-shock massage; thermal massage head, constant temperature heating;

Product specifications: Power supply: a seventh battery;

Product specifications: 2.4*2.3*11.6 cm;

Packing: gift box; quantity: 50pcs; outer box size: 40.5*33*26cm; optional color: pearl white, cherry powder, sapphire blue, starry black; Electrothermal Beauty Eye introduction instrumentProduct contact material: new zinc alloy metal ion introduction headProduct Design: streamlined body feel comfortable.Product accessories materials: all parts of the product are approved by ROHS standard.Product number: S1209A- electric beauty eye importing instrument"Eyes" cover the years and distribute the charming "sunny" color.Dark circles, Packet under the eyes, swelling, fine lines, write off; Product details:Intelligent induction switch;Microseismic massage;Heat massage head, constant temperature heating;Product specification:Power supply: a battery No.

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