Mini lip importer Zhongshan OEM factory

Mini lip importer

Product contact material: new zinc alloy metal ion import head

Product design: compact and comfortable to the touch

Product accessories materials: raw materials for all parts of the product have passed ROHS standards

Product Code: S6609-mini lip importer

The lip care is more intimate, shocking, compact and beautiful;

Product details: violet disinfection, lip care is more healthy; shallow concave arc, fit the skin; with lip care products, care for the lips;

Product specifications:

Power supply mode: button battery;

Product specifications: 2*2*10 cm;

Packing: gift box;

Quantity: 50PCS;

Outer box size: 40.5*33*26 cm;

Available colors: pink, rose, white, rose gold, champagne gold;

Patent No.: ZL201430083346.3Mini Lip protection importing instrumentProduct contact material: new zinc alloy metal ion introduction headProduct design: compact, portable and comfortable.Product accessories materials: all parts of the product are approved by ROHS standard.Product number: S6609-mini lip Protection importing instrumentLip care is more intimate.A touch, shock, small, portable, elegant appearance; Product details:Purple disinfection, lip care is more healthy;Shallow concave arc, fit the skin;Use lip care products to protect your lips.Product Specification:Power supply: button battery;Product specifications: 2*2*10 cm;Packing: gift box;Quantity: 50PCS;Outer box size: 40.5*33*26 cm;Optional colors: powder, rose red, white, rose gold , champagne gold; Patent No.

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