ID designer

9000-10000 yuan month

Education: Bachelor

Experience: 2 years or more

Recruitment number: 1

description of job

Job Type: Industrial Design

Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender

Work location: Baoan District, Shenzhen

description of job:

job requirements:

1. Industrial design major, college degree or above;

2. Skilled in using design software such as PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW, RHIN, PRO-E;

3. Have more than 2 years experience in ID design of consumer electronics products, with VR glasses, smart wear is preferred;

4. Have strong divergent thinking and innovative thinking, and have a deep understanding of Chinese and Western culture and aesthetics, familiar with the latest European and American popular elements;

5. Have a solid artistic background, familiar with popular colors, new materials, new techniques, and have a keen insight into future trends;

6. Has a very strong sketching skills and design expressiveness, can accurately grasp the shape and shape of the product; adhere to the "people-oriented" design concept;

7. Have excellent aesthetic theory and aesthetic ability, and have a heartfelt love for industrial design; design awards such as Red Dot and IF are preferred;

8. Please bring your own design portfolio for the interview;

2. Work content:

1. Independently responsible for VR glasses, smart wear, panoramic camera, AR game gun and other product ID design;

2. Complete the design and concept design that conforms to the product definition and optimize the design details;

3. Complete the two-dimensional renderings and 3D modeling and rendering, develop a CMF plan, confirm sample effects and signatures;

4. Capture market trends and future trends, and propose innovative designs and new product concepts;

5, cooperate with the market and sales department to output rendering drawings of each product

Working address: Shenzhen

Test Engineer

4000-6000 yuan / month

Education: College

Experience: no limit

Recruitment number: 1 person

description of job

Company benefits: five insurance and one gold

Job Type: Test Engineer

Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender

Work location: Shenzhen

description of job:

1. Write test cases based on requirements documents and design documents;

2. Complete unit testing, integration testing and system testing of the product;

3. Set up a test environment according to the test plan;

4, a test case to perform manual testing, feedback tracking product BUG and use case defects;

5. Research and application of test tools and systems;

6, understand the basic process of the project, can be skilled in the operation of various processes in the project; 7, part of the document writing and packaging work. There will be overtime.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, electronic information engineering and related majors, fresh graduates are also available;

2. Regularly complete the quantitative work requirements under the leadership and supervision of the superiors, and independently handle and solve the tasks that are responsible;

3. Establish and maintain relevant documents for testing work;

4. Track and analyze the test situation and solve the problems encountered during the test process;

5. Familiar with basic test instruments and familiar with basic test software;

6. Good communication skills, cooperation spirit and responsibility.

Product Director

15000-20000 yuan month

Education: Bachelor

Experience: 3-5 years

Recruitment number: several

description of job

Job Type: Product Director

Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender

Work location: Baoan District, Shenzhen

description of job:

The positions of product directors are as follows:

1. Develop and implement product strategy based on the results of market research;

2. Responsible for mastering the market sales of products, analyzing and judging the life cycle of products;

3. Product life cycle management;

4. Responsible for formulating corporate brand development strategies, supervising implementation and controlling execution progress;

5. Master market conditions, including competitors' product strategies, and develop response plans for specific situations;

6. Develop new products and develop marketing strategies for new products;

7. Analyze whether the market communication strategy of enterprise products and brands is effective and effectively improve them;

8. Project management, responsible for coordinating product managers to carry out personnel flow between products, coordination between products, etc.;

9. Responsible for the day-to-day management of the product department; 10. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

Working address: Shenzhen

Electronic development engineer

8000-12000 yuan month

Education: Bachelor

Experience: 3-5 years

Recruitment number: several

description of job

Job Type: Electronic / Electrical Engineer

Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender

Working location: Shenzhen

description of job:

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the design of power supply system scheme and power supply architecture of the company's products; responsible for development, design, debugging and verification of power board and battery;

2. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the power technology platform.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than two years working experience in switching power supply.

2, love hardware circuit design, has a solid analog circuit foundation, can understand and analyze complex analog circuits, familiar with the key parameters of analog devices, familiar with weak small signal applications, understand the principles and applications of digital circuits.

3. Familiar with the topology, working principle and related device calculation of various switching power supplies.

4. Familiar with the mechanism, test principle and rectification method of the switch EMC problem.

5, familiar with the system knowledge of the products, can solve the problem systematically.

Work address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen