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Parameters: dialog, 0.42 inch OLED HD display, Bluetooth 4.0, top layer cowhide


1. Step, distance, calorie analysis

2. Time display

3. Alarm reminder

4. Sedentary reminder

5. Sleep monitoring

6. Remote photography

7. Find my device

8. Touch the page

9. Mobile notifications: instant reminder, SMS, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

10. Support multiple languages

11. Support mobile APP Bluetooth

Connection strap black technology smart wear new form smart strap leather strap for 20mm 22mm

You are a person with a paranoid pursuit of beauty. In the age of intelligence, you are still reluctant to put on smart watches and bracelets.

But now, you don't have to choose between our smart and beautiful design team to put the display, touch, Bluetooth, body, vibration, battery and other modules into a thin strap, and interact with the phone from the endless Yes, it has improved nearly 1000% efficiency and is like a watch that you like, smart and elegant, smart and beautiful, no need to compromise from landline to mobile phone, from mobile phone to wearable smart device, from the inside of the pocket to the mobile phone Have become more elegant and convenient to break t