Sports Bluetooth Headset U8

Sports Bluetooth Headset U8

Streamlined design, multiple color matching, power display, CVC6.0+DSP dual noise reduction, heavy bass, fearless sweat to stimulate your sports potential

Surrounded by stereo bass, continuous listening songs, 8 hours of silicone ear hooks

U8 professional sports Bluetooth headset waterproof and sweat-proof comfort in the ear

Chip upgrade about 18.5g long battery life HD Bluetooth 4.1 shock bass

Still worrying about finding a suitable sports headset?

The ordinary headphone cable is too long, and the stethoscope phenomenon is very serious;

Ordinary Bluetooth headset, the sound quality is unbearable;

Uncomfortable to wear, just want to take off the headphones at all times;

Intentional sports waterproof and sweatproof U8 adopts nano waterproof and structural waterproof technology. It has been tested to achieve IPX7 waterproof standard, which can effectively prevent sweat and rain from eroding the headphones.

Strenuous exercise, madness can not lose 30 degrees ergonomic oblique ear design, soft and comfortable, no sense of sound, no leakage, full of music, intelligent noise reduction, pure sound

The smart chip can recognize vocal and noisy environments and can easily talk to the large diaphragm. The copper ring horn is the rhythm of the cymbal - it is the enjoyment of the second time, so that the sound and wireless combination, sound analysis and improvement, The reaction speed is faster to bid farewell to the line control, easy to press the