Smart Voice Sports Bluetooth Headset S8_A

Intelligent voice sports Bluetooth headset S8_A Origin: Shenzhen Transmission range: 15 meters Function: Power display processing customization: is printed LOGO: can battery capacity: 80mAh + KC certified polymer battery charging voltage: DC5.0Vmicro5P interface Bluetooth version: V4.1 +EDR call distance: 10 meters talk time: 5 hours music time: 4.5 hours standby time: 120 hours work frequency: 2.4GHz (OEM packaging method) excluding tax: 43RMB/PCS (including packaging) Color: black, white support function : Stereo binaural output / caller ID / YES NO voice answer rejection / volume addition / subtraction / play pause / Chinese and English voice prompts / switchable / hardware power display / with magnetic product advantages: using the latest CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.1 dual mode MIC The chip's new neck-mounted detachable bracket design can be equipped with brackets and without brackets. Optional support for internal tone sound custom design (according to customer requirements: can be customized in any national language) support 4LED light hardware power display, and mobile phone power dual display support The voice dialing feature supports up and down song selection and volume control. Support music playback pause control, and automatic caller switching function support Chinese, English, Cantonese, three language switching support S3D stereo enhancement (high quality, high fidelity, super stereo digital audio enjoyment) support CVC broadband voice and narrowband voice connection, with Wind noise suppression, high-definition voice call support HFP connection 2 telephone voice. And A2DP 2-way music playback connection supports one to two, dual headphone output. Supports a variety of smart phones and tablets real high-end titanium film speakers, bass more powerful support more than 20M link transmission distance ultra-low voltage version, long standby time, 110MA built-in battery, can listen to songs for 8 hours, standby time 120 hours .

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