Nourishing hydrating spray instrument Shenzhen OEM factory

Nourishing hydrating spray

Product Spray Technology: Oscillation technology combined with high-tech chips and high-tech processes

Product design: streamlined body grip comfortable

Product accessories materials: raw materials for all parts of the product have passed ROHS standards

Product Code: S6669-Nour nourishing hydrating sprayer gently slips, skin is fresh and smooth, and it is designed to be USB rechargeable, compact and portable.

Product details: compact and portable, nourishing spray, no makeup, lightweight slider design

Product specifications:

Power supply mode: USB charging;

Product specifications: 11.8*3.75*2.1 cm

Packing: gift box; quantity: 50pcs;

Outer box size: 40.5*33*26 cm;

Available colors: pearl white, black jade, rose red, champagne gold;

Patent No.: ZL20143030877.6

Nourishing and replenishing sprayerProduct spray technology: shock technology combined with high-tech chips and high technologyProduct design: streamlined body feel comfortable.Product accessories materials: all parts of the product are approved by ROHS standard.Product No.: S6669- nourishing and replenishing sprayerGently Sliping design, USB charging, compact and portableProduct details:Small portable, nourishing spray without makeup, lightweight slide designProduct specification:Power supply mode: USB charging;Product specifications: 11.8*3.75*2.1 cmPacking : gift box;Quantity: 50pcs;Outer box size: 40.5*33*26 cm;Optional colors: pearlescent white, black jade, rose red, champagne

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